Saturday, November 22, 2008


My friend came over to take a few pictures for the announcement. Here are a few of my favorites

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birth Announcement

The past few days I've been trying to find the perfect birth announcement. I think I might use this picture.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome Home Nathan!!

This week Nathan was out of town for business. He comes home tonight and I couldn't be more happy. Tonight when Nixon and Parker plot against me I will have back up. Monday was my first night home alone. It started off great. I decided the give them both a bath at the same time in the big tub-silly idea but it worked. Parker and I made muffins once Nixon was asleep. Once Parker fell asleep Nixon woke up to eat and thus started the worst night ever. Once Nixon was back asleep Parker woke back up-something he hasn't done in months. After 20 min of holding Parker, Nixon woke back up and by this time its 11:30 and time all little boys should have been sleeping for hours! I tell Parker goodnight and thankfully he falls right asleep. Nixon however is a different story. He wakes up every 20 min until 2. Finally I run upstairs to jump in the shower because sometimes I only get to shower once they are both sleeping at night. I'm almost ready to get in and Nixon wakes back up but I make him cry-I really need this shower. I get out put Nixon back to sleep and think I might get a few hours in my bed all to myself. WRONG. Somehow Parker knew Nixon was asleep and he woke back up at 3 in the morning and he has peed through his diaper. By now I am too tired to care any more I change Parker and put them both in my bed where they both sleep as close to me as possible. Then at 6 Parker wakes up again and asks for cereal. In your dreams kid go back to sleep until at least 8! I didn't say that i just said shhh shh, its night night. The rest of the week went smoother but we sure are glad to have Nathan come home tonight!!
This was us right before their first bath together. I wont be doing that for a few more months but it was a fun idea. Nixon can sense the bath now and cries before I even put him in. The big tub was way way too much for him. Notice the Pink tub-funny for a house full of boys. Their rooms are both pink right now too!
On Tuesday I watched my friends baby. She is 2 weeks younger than Nixon. We were due within 3 days of each other but I cheated and went in a week early and she was in Labor for a LONG LONG time before her baby came. They both slept most of the three hours and I had to take a picture of their first play date!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Happy Halloween

Bath Time

Nixon is NOT a big fan of bath time. We've moved to a new house and need to get the internet still. Updates might be few and far between for a few weeks.