Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kings Canyon

We got home from Bear Lake late Thursday night and left for Kings Canyon late Friday night. Nathan likes to drive through the night because then we are there in the morning right when everyone is waking up. Unfortunately we left5-6 hours later than usual and we were exhausted with 3 hours still to go. We have a goal to NEVER leave that late again. This is us at the river after driving all night and taking a 2 hour nap. I think we look pretty good considering. You might recognize the view from previous posts because this is where Nathan proposed to me, so romantic, so planed to make me want to come back every year.
We had scones one morning for breakfast and Parker couldn't help but get powdered sugar all over his little face.

Parker loved the hammock-last year we would use it to take a nap with him this year he just wanted to play in it. We are sad our summer vacations are over but its been a busy summer so we are ready for a calm fall. Is that possible with the up and coming birth of our new baby?? Who by the way should be making his debut a week before his due date because of my scheduled c-section. SCARY! I'm excited and nervous and happy and sad all in one. I'm crying more because I feel bad for both of my little boys. I feel like both of them are getting the raw end of the deal. Parker is still so small so he still needs me so much. And it seems like lately he knows it is coming because he has been such a mamma's boy. I have to stop thinking about that or I will start crying again. They will be great friends and it will be a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Now I'm off to bed I need some sleep!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bear Lake

We had so much fun at Bear Lake this year. We always stay there for a week in the summer and its usually the Highlight of the summer. We sleep in, eat a big breakfast, get in our suits play at the beach for 6 hours. While at the Beach we float, play on the boat or Wave Runners and Eat on the shore. Nathan did a lot of the playing on the toys, I did a lot of the floating with Parker-He would take his nap sleeping on my mom or I while we were floating on the lake. When Nathan wasn't out boating he was usually on the shore showing Parker how to play in the sand. We miss it already.