Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We have been enjoying the great fall weather lately. Parker asks me to rake up the leaves so we can jump in them. Its been a fun activity for us.
Nixon is the boss at our house. When he points his fist and screams people listen. He definitely isn't a push over. He will let you know how he feels. I think this is a good characteristic for the second child, even if it sometimes hurts our ears.
This is my dad. He installed a fan in our bathroom over the weekend and Parker was his big helper. He could follow my dad around for hours and loves his tools.
On Halloween Parker and Nathan carved a pumpkin. Parker was so excited to put a face on his pumpkin.

This was the end result. Its blurry because I took a bad picture. It looked really good in real life. We've never made pumpkins like this before and I think we will have to start making it a tradition!
And we have two big announcements!! Nixon took his first step today! It happened at my parents house so I will have to take pictures tomorrow. And Parker is potty trained. After he uses the bathroom he usually runs circles around the front room dining room and kitchen until I can catch him. This is my view for a few min!! He thinks he is so funny!!!
Nathan promised Parker Lego's after he went number 2 twice in the toilet. And not those baby duplo's either(which would have been easier to clean up). Real live Lego's. And the had a deal going where we got a free Lego city tractor. Parker loves them! I can't believe my baby is potty trained.
Tomorrow its supposed to snow. Bring it on!!! This family welcomes the white stuff and Parker has been asking for a month now, Can it snow yet? I hope we wake up to it on our lawn but I'm not going to hold my breath.