Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Almost Smile

The whole reason in posting last night was to put up this picture for my mom! Nixon is a smiley sleeper-even in the NICU.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Nixon Is Home!!

By Some Miracle this morning I went up to feed Nixon at in the NICU at the best time possible. Nixon's pediatrician was just leaving as I asked the nurse if he had been turned over to his care instead of the Dr's in the NICU. So we had Dr. Paxton come over and look at Nixon. He said that since he was healthy there was no reason to be here any more and he quickly took action to speed up the release of Nixon to today with me, rather than late tuesday night or early wednesday morning. Nixon was having a hard time getting the air into all of his lung capacity so they took him up on Friday morning for a few tests, they even said he could be back in an hour or so. Then one test turned into another and before I knew it he was being pumped full of liquids which were making him not hungry. He couldn't leave until he ate a certain amount of food and they would only turn the liquids down very slowly. So as of last night he was still in the NICU from a problem created essentially by the NICU. Now don't get me wrong I'm glad they helped him with his lungs but then it seemed like he would never get out of there. But this morning thanks to some quick action by the Nurse and Dr Paxton they decided he could go home!!! We are happy to be home and need to catch back up on our sleep. Here are more pictures.
We were moved around a few times while we were there but the last day we were by a window so I had my mom bring Parker over so that he could finally see this baby we had all been talking about.
Finally home!! This was the first time he opened his eyes for my parents and they had to take a picture. He likes to sleep A LOT. Who can blame him though he has been through a lot these past few days, I'd sleep too.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Celiece is still on drugs


More pictures

Nathan has over taken the blog and added a few things I haven't been too happy with. Number 1 Milo is not an option. Number 2 Ugly pictures. He only had really bad close ups of the baby after he was just born or pictures where he isn't dressed and those are not appropriate for the blog. So I am sorry to all of you who have voted for Milo I don't think that will be the name and also thanks for the courtesy of saying how cute he is but he is much cuter than the last pictures. Case in point.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pictures Yes, Name No

Well according to our good friend Kathryn we broke some unwritten code by not posting pictures, note to apple, you need to allow uploading of photos from the iphone, anywho, here are some pictures of the little boy lovingly known as Parker #2 for the time being. As of tonight at 10 or so he was taken off of the air going in his nose and based off of how he does tonight we may be able to bring him out of the Infant ICU tomorrow and into our room.

Parker #2 is here!

our baby boy is here, he was born at 7:45ish he is 8lbs 10oz and 20 inches tall. We don't have a name yet so we need everyone to vote, Jackson, Nixon or milo we will post pictures soon

UPDATE: Jackson Nixon milos lungs are a little underdeveloped so we are in the newborn icu with him on oxygen, we will know more in a couple hours

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 days to go!

I know my count down says 10 days to go but when you have a c-section you get to go a week early!! We are really excited and nervous for a new baby. We are almost all ready-or as ready as we can get. So on Friday sometime after 9 in the morning this should be me and our new baby.
***This is NOT our new baby this is Parker and me the day after he was born***

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Pictures

Thats right two updates in one day. I'm on a roll. For my birthday Nathan wanted to have Parker's pictures taken for his 18 months. He's really 20 months but he had a big ugly scab on his forehead when he was 18 months so we waited a little longer. They turned into family pictures. Yep Family pictures with me 8 and 1/2 months prego. I like the ones where you don't really see my belly and sure enough those are the ones that are mostly one this blog. check out our family pictures here.

Labor Day

Labor day was my birthday and the Young's annual Homemade Ice cream contest. Nathan and I made a cake batter Ice Cream and swirled in sprinkles and brownie bits. It tasted just like cold stone's Birthday Cake Re-mix and so we called it Celiece's Birthday Cake re-mix(nathan named it). It was yummy and we took home the Grand Prize. Anyway now we get to have this lovely trophy in our house for the whole year. We have just been laying low for the past month trying to get ready for the baby who comes on Sept 26th! We are very excited about him being here. Parker loves to give my belly kisses and he loves to hold babies so hopefully he will love our new one when we bring him home to live at our house for good.

This was just a cute picture of Parker and some of his cousins eating the birthday cake. I share a birthday with my nephew and he really wanted the whole group to sing to him so I had to stand up there with him and get sung to. It was pretty embarrassing.
I took this last week when Parker fell and his Tonka truck fell on top of him he couldn't get it off of him. So instead of running to his resuce I ran to the camera, took a picture and then helped him. Pretty mean I know but it was too funny not to pass up!

During the Olympics Parker would stand on the edge of the couch and jump onto the couch and then stand with his arms in the air like the Olympians. I uploaded the wrong video but after watching each clip i remember we couldn't get him to perform while we had the camera going and I can't delete the video so here you go anyway. Its only 6 seconds.