Thursday, July 24, 2008

Prelude to Bear Lake

The Kidd family came down last weekend to go to Seven Peaks. On Monday we are headed to Bear Lake for our yearly family reunion. We really like events that deal with water. In fact as I am writing this most of my extended family is floating down a river in Northern Utah or maybe its in Southern Idaho. Anyway...Here are some pics from the weekend.We all gathered in my parents back yard the night before. Some of us played Croquet. I am the one with the Prego belly, and then there are my cousins Jamie and Nicole and my mom!We talked late into the night. Parker and I didn't get home until 12. Nathan left early to catch the midnight showing of batman along with a few of my Cousins and my sisters. Staying up so late caught up to a few of us...
like my sister Stephanie
my cousin Landon-who had just got his mission call the day before to South Carolina!!!

my Uncle Curt
And my grandma. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this blog but if my relatives who do could just not tell her that I posted a sleeping picture of her that would be great!! We spent a lot of time in the Lazy river because the Wave pool was broken. The toddler pool was really warm for some reason so I tried to stay in there as long as possible but Parker enjoyed the Lazy river enough that I didn't feel too bad. He was loved on by all of his cousins. Olivia and Megan were good to stay by him as we went around and keep him entertained!

Thanks to everyone for coming down, we can't wait to see you at Bear Lake!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Will

Congrats to Dave and Aubree!! Will is one lucky little man to have you two as parents. We can't wait for you guys to come home!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Fun

We haven't just been sick this summer, but we haven't done any of our big vacations yet. Usually our July is chuck full of family vacations however this year they ended up being at the very end of July and the first of August so we've just been making our own fun until then.

Parker discovered my love for cookie dough and once we were done cleaning up the mess he decided to help me with the dishes. But once he was up next the the bowl he realized that the spatula still had some good cookie dough left on it so he went for it. I thought it was pretty funny because no one has ever eaten off the spatula in front of him before and yet he figured it out!
We took a day trip to my in-laws cabin and thought we would escape the heat. It was still really hot up there too so we let the kids play in the hot tub. Some bubbles had been spilled in there earlier and it made a pretty fun bubble play land once the jets were turned on.
My sister in law was kind enough to let us use a swim diaper for Parker so that he could cool off too. He had a blast!
And we don't know summer at our house with out irrigation. When our turn doesn't land in the middle of the night we like to let Parker enjoy the cool water. I know it seems gross and at first I was appalled at the idea, but he has so much fun and its just so hot. So I'm that mom that lets her kid play in the irrigation water.
It looks pretty cool when our turn is almost over and the whole back yard looks like a river!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4th Of July

I'm back after a vacation from the computer. We have been busy doing nothing, oh and being sick for a week straight. Poor Parker had it the worst. I started out the week sick with him and Nathan finished the week sick with him but he managed to be sick the whole week. It made for the worst 4th of July EVER!!We Spent most of the week sleeping. And Parker pretty much lived in his diaper because every time I put clothes on him he would throw up or poop all over them within minutes of being put in them.Nathan even made him wear his plastic swim pants around the house so that he wouldn't strip out of his diaper leaving the whole house at risk!!!
And then we did some more sleeping. If you hear of people who are sick with the flu this summer run because its awful!!