Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Kidd Genes

My Kidd side of the family Loves to stay up late and sleep in. I got those genes. going to bed early to me means 10:30 or 11:00 and I can't even tell you when the last time that happened. In fact that is usually when we get Parker to bed-we try for earlier but lately we have been busy. But then again he doesn't wake up until 8:30 or 9 so then I get my wish of "sleeping in." Today we woke up at 10:45. On Monday it was somewhere between 10-10:30. Now that I'm not a teenager that usually makes me feel lazy but right now being a mom of a newborn, it makes me happy!! I'm sure once we are have re established our routine we will be back to 8 or 9. Until then, if you come to my house at 10 in the morning and I still have a hand imprinted on my face you will know why.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is what Nixon enjoys doing all day and all night long. He pretty much sleeps all the time. Everyone is always excited when he opens his eyes for them!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I think I just figured out Parkers Halloween costume. Phew, it was getting close!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

All by myself

So this was my first week with my two kiddos without my mom or mother in law helping me out. It went pretty well. We managed to go to the Dr. for Nixon's two week check up and then we pretty much stayed in the rest of the week. On tuesday Parker decided that he didn't need a nap. However he wasn't too distraught in his bed. He would be quiet and then talk a little cry a little and run that cycle over and over. He was the one who told me he was ready for a nap so I let him stay in there for a while. Finally I decided that he wasn't going to cooperate I went in to get him and found this:
If only this was my only surprise. The room unfortunately also smelled of a poopy diaper which was no where to be seen. I had to search for the buried treasure under all of his blankets that he had thrown on the floor. Somehow the diaper managed to be underneath the blankets and his shirt and pants even though the diaper had to come off last. Lucky for me it was all still in the diaper and no where else.
Also we got a call on last Friday saying that the blood results were in and that Nixon has a serious metabolic disease called Galactosemia. This means he can't have any milk or milk products. If you know my family then you know that we live off of milk, cheese and ice cream all of which are very big no no's for children with this disease because it could cause handicaps, blindness, seizures and many awful side effects. After calling Nathan and sobbing on the phone and crying most of the morning we received another call saying that it was a mistake and he has a less severe form of the disease-Which means we still do soy formula every other feeding and after a year we are free to have him eat a normal diet. It was a huge relief especially since it is exactly what happened to my sister Stephanie and she is normal and healthy-and loves her cheese! Our prayers were answered once again on behalf of Nixon. He has been such a good baby. We love him so much. And Parker still can't get enough of him.

Friday, October 3, 2008

One Week Old!!

Nixon is one week old today and we celebrated by taking him back to the Hospital and poking him for more blood work. His Dr. called yesterday saying he needed a little lab work done because of a test that came back a little low. His Dr says its very common and is doubtful that it will come back low a second time. In the mean time I have to feed Nixon soy formula every other feeding. They got most of the blood they needed with the first poke but then they needed a little more and it wouldn't come. After fishing for a new vein they sent me up to the pediatrics unit. Finally they got what they needed and we came home. And thats when he did this!!

I set him down for tummy time while we had our lunch and when my mom walked back in the room he was on his back. So she rolled him back on his tummy and he did it again. The third time I got out the video camera to document. I think Parker will have a wrestling buddy in no time.

And after a week of having Nixon home, Parker couldn't be happier to be a big brother. He wants to have Nixon around him at all times. Yesterday as my mom made Parker breakfast she HAD to hold Nixon. She tried to put Nixon down and Parker would have nothing of it, he wanted Nixon in the kitchen with him. He had to have Nixon with him while he took his bath yesterday. Parker even handed him all of his bath toys so that they would both have toys to play with.
Parker will sometimes lay on the ground and then pat the floor to tell us to put Nixon next to him. What a good big brother. I am starting to think I was boring him to tears with just the two of us over the past few months. I am so relieved that he is acting this way and not the opposite. I was really worried Parker would be jealous and that he would lose his cute personality for a few months and just throw fits all day long. We have been really lucky. Thats not to say that Parker isn't in the terrible two's because he is but he's is generally a really fun little boy.
And a great big brother!!