Friday, September 25, 2009

Family Fun

I just subscribed to Family Fun Magazine. I am really excited for it to come. When you sign up you also get a digital copy in your email inbox 2 min later. I have a goal of trying to do a project or activity with Parker every day so that we don't get too bored here in the Young house. So when I saw a recipe for play dough I knew that would be Mondays project. Parker loved helping me make it and he loved it so much that it ended up being our project all week long. The dough is dyed by household items so we made brown with coco powder. It made me want a little snack every time we got it out, but the look on Nixon's face when he tried it told me it wasn't worth it.
Nixon kept eating it so I took it away from him because thats just gross.....He was very very unhappy with me

It was one of the first things we did every morning. Thats why my kids are still in the PJ's so back off. And sometimes we stay in our PJ's for a few hours in the morning. Judge me, thats fine.
It was so much fun I can't wait to plan the next activity for next week. I think we might tackle finger painting during Nixon's morning nap. I'm a little worried about that one though.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last month we headed to California for a wedding of Nathan's good family friend. My mother in law thought it would be fun for us to go to Disneyland for a few days before the wedding. We had so much fun!! Parker loved having Cecelia there with him.
The dads decided that Parker and Cecelia needed a really fast ride on the teacups. They are lucky that the kids didn't lose their breakfast all over them. They were spinning really fast.
Shannon and Nixon on the carousel.

Teacups again. On our second day we were the first people on the ride and it was just our little families on the ride. That was fun.
Heimlich's chew chew train
Flick's ride

Tuck and Roll bumber cars. In feb Parker was too small to ride these and you can tell by his smile he was happy to make the height requirement.
The wedding had a live band and dance floor at the reception. The kids loved dancing all night long.
Parker didn't want to cooperate for the picture.
And the band was so cute.
Our flight left at 7:00 the next morning. We got there at 6:35 and they wouldn't let us check in because they stop check in 30 min before the flight. So we had to rent a car and drive home. Talk about a stressful half hour. ps it was a teeny tiny airport and we totally could have made it. Even as we were checking out another airline and rental cars they were still calling people for our flight to head through security to board the plane. It was like we were in the twilight zone of not making our flight. Our GPS gave us wrong directions adding a few min to our travel. We hit every red light. The Gas station denied our card because Nathan put in our zipcode and in California you are supposed to put the zipcode of the city you are in-stupid. And then once in the station he had to play a guessing game with the attendant as to how much money he thought we needed to fill up. and then head back in and get the remaining change. Anyway if we would have known it was that close I could have dropped Nathan off to check us in and I could have dropped off the rental car and we would have made it. I'm tired just remembering it again. Someone on stand by must have really really really needed our seats. Our boys were so good on the ride home. I think it helped that they were exhausted after 2 long days at Disneyland and a wedding day. They slept a good portion of the ride. Overall it was a great trip.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


For Brookann's birthday my family went boating. Luckily Nathan found the sumo tube. He was so excited to try it. It was so funny!! My pictures just loaded in backwards order and I'm too lazy to fix them.... Here are the videos and pics from that day.
Scott and Nathan heading back into the wake.Nixon loving our kisses!! Ok so maybe he isn't loving them. but we love him!

There is his sweet smile!
Parker would switch between being very nervous and having fun. At that moment he was loving it!
My dad-we call him skipper when we go to Bear Lake because he drives the boat the whole time. Well he was the full time driver on this day as well.
Brook, Parker and Scott enjoying the front of the boat. Its my personal favorite spot as well. When I'm not trying to keep the wind out of babies faces.
Nathan and I. Poor Nathan, I like him to come with me but I always make the boat driver give us a fun/not crazy ride. And then I talk his ear off. But I always tell him the conditions and he still wants to be with me. I LOVE him!!
Me, steph Brook, Not a great picture but I'm going to be honest, I have no desire to be with the both of them on the tsunami at the same time ever again so this picture is history. Why am I being so rude? Well they were like wrestling pigs taking up 2/3 of the tube and inching closer and closer to me and everytime we hit a wave I fell off. I don't care about falling off I care about falling off because My sisters-who are 19 and 22 end up edging me off while they are fighting each other.

My mom was there too. She held babies the whole time and was in Heaven! And now for the sumo suit portion you have all been waiting for...
Steph, Brook in the sumo suit and scotty

Scotty, Steph in sumo suit me
Scotty, Nathan
And Nathan was the lucky one to try it first. I tried it last. It was more fun watching the other people than actually being out on the water.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I read in a book that children who read the comics are smarter than children who don't. So I started reading the comics to Parker on Sunday. It has become a fun tradition that Parker loves.For some reason that day I felt like documenting our life on Sunday so later in the morning when we all ended back in our bed I grabbed the camera to document our family time! Church at 1 is not my favorite but it has been fun to spend some lazy time together in the morning.