Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rock Band

We had a few friends over tonight to play rock band. Here are the highlights. Enjoy

FYI Nathan is the one singing. Felipe is laughing the loudest in the middle on the guitar and Dave is on the drums. Thanks for coming over guys it was fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Nathan

Dear Nathan,
Last night I noticed you were worried about Nixon. You thought he had contracted the extremely rare "lean to the right" syndrome. Today I tried to pay extra notice to him to make sure that it didn't become more serious. I am happy to report that while you have been to work he has started favoring his left side. Now you don't need to worry about his right side any more. It seems he is a baby and doesn't quite have the muscle strength to hold him self upright for very long. We do appreciate your worries though!

Love Celiece and Nixon
and while we are talking about Nathan I have to mention that he might just be the luckiest guy in the world. Two nights ago I washed my hair but didn't have the energy to dry it so yesterday morning he woke up to this......I'm looking for a biggest hair contest. please let me know if you find one!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Parkers 2nd Birthday

Two years ago today almost to the min I got to hold my little boy for the first time. He was born at 8:31 pm but because I had to go to a c-section I had to wait. He was so precious. I have loved every minute of these two years. I love being a mommy. Tonight we had our families over to have cake and ice cream with us. Thanks to everyone who could come. Also lots of people called to sing to him over the phone or just to wish him a happy birthday. He loved it!

While Parker was napping Nixon and I made his birthday cake. Nixon was then kind enough to take a nap so that I could clean up the mess for the day with two sleeping boys.
And last but not least I think Parker tries to be very grown up on the phone, its really cute. And just for a translation I think he says, Yeah, Yeah yeah yeah Birthday Cake yeah yeah yeah

Nathan bought us a Flip Video recorder a few months ago, we love it. We now use it more than our camera. Its so cute and little and we feel like we can take it every where. I recommend them for everyone! You might notice more videos and less pictures in the future!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hair Cuts

The lady who cuts Parker's hair just had a baby last week. I thought about calling her numerous times before she had him but I just never did. Last week Parker watched me trim Nathan's rat tail and he seemed fine with the idea of us cutting his hair too so today I went for it! and it turned out ok. I will most likely still have the other lady do it most of the time but now I know in a pinch I can do it too.
This was my before picture. I had actually already cut a little in front and then remembered that I had wanted to take before and after pictures.
This is half way through if you look at the other side of his head in the mirror you can see his hair is still there. I was laughing as I took this picture. Mostly because I was worried he wouldn't let me finish!Tada!! Parker has tons of hair like me so I made him hold it all up. We cut it three months ago and this is how much I cut off today. What a fun memory!I'm guessing Nixon wont need a hair cut for a long long time.