Monday, January 21, 2008

Spring Fever

I love Utah and all of its seasons. I am the snow queen, I just love the snow. With that being said I have been experiencing Spring Fever. I am ready to be outside again. Here is what I am looking forward to.Croquet in our backyard is always fun.
One last year of taking loads and loads to the dump. Our yard will finally be Junk free in the back!! We have had to take 15 loads at least to the dump because of all the junk that was left over from the people who lived here before.

Bear Lake! We love it there.Kings Canyon. Its just so relaxing and beautiful.

Playing outside-even if Parker gets a little dirty.

Growing a garden. We used to grow corn but I don't think we will this year-we will have to see how the yard clean up goes. We did a lower key garden last year and it was nice because I have limited time to give my full attention to a garden.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Parker turned 1 this week on the 9th and we have been celebrating ever since. The morning of his birthday we made him pancakes shaped as a number 1. When I say we I mean I made the syrup Nathan made the batter and shaped the pancake. It was a tradition that his mom used to do with his family and he wants to keep it alive. Nathan LOVES tradition and this is a good one. Any excuse to eat buttermilk syrup is a good one for me.

After breakfast we opened presents. We tried to keep the presents to a minimum because he just got a lot from Christmas and our house is too small to hold a lot of presents. We gave him the little people farm and a key set so I think we did pretty good. And today we had a UNO themed family party where we had cake and ice cream. I was pretty nervous about the cake but I think it turned out pretty well. This is his invitation that Nathan made. Some of its upside down because we folded it but I think Nathan did a really good job.

Happy Birthday Parker!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Parker's first Christmas!!!

We have been busy with family parties, shopping, Christmas and then being sick so we haven't been blogging lately. Here are some of our favorites pictures from the season.This year I invested in the Little people nativity set for our new decorations. Parker loved it and I didn't mind playing with it either. I recommend it to whoever wants a decorations that the kids can play with.

This year we bought rock band as an early Christmas present we were able to get a lot of use out of it with our family parties.
Parker with Santa. He couldn't quite figure out why this man had to hold him, but it was fun for Nathan and me to do the traditional take your child to see santa.
We let parker open his first present on Christmas eve. He loved it but then wanted to put it back in the wrapping paper he doesn't quite get it yet. Maybe next week for his birthday he will understand it more.