Monday, April 28, 2008

It's A Boy!!!

We had an ultra sound done last week by my friend to get a sneak peak of the sex of the baby and its a boy!! I am so excited. I wanted another boy for Parker to play with. I'm 17 and a half weeks a long and I am feeling great! No picture because all of my ultrasound pics are in my car and Nathan took that to work today.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

To The Highest Bidder...

During a recent (recent as in a few weeks ago, don't worry Celiece and the baby are fine) emergency room visit I knew that our insurance wasn't going to cover much if any of our visit because the visit had to do with a pregnancy so with that in mind I decided to swipe some of the objects in the room to sell off to help pay for the visit. So up for sale we have:
One Doctors Stool, are you ever jealous of the fact that the doctor gets to sit on a sweet stool while you have to sit awkwardly on a paper covered table. Well be jealous no more, now you can have your very own Doctors Stool for the low price of: $250
Although you will see a lamp in this picture I was only able to swipe the computer. On this computer you will find the medical records of all close friends and family, spend hours figuring out what you friends from high school have been up to by means of their medical records. A steal at half the price this handy little number is up for $750
Who doesn't sleep better at the hospital OR Feel More Sexy in a Hospital gown? Bring all that comfort home with you with this assorted variety of hospital linens. NOTE: Gowns also make great Bridal Shower Gifts. Stock up now for the low price of $75
If you are sick of cranking your neck skyward to watch tv and sick of watching your favorite television shows in color, this piece of medical grade technology is for you. Imagine the plentiful disease ridden hands that have reached up to turn the channel on this little number, bring those many diseases home with you for the low price of $250

I was also able to swipe some gloves and various nick nacks so if you are interested let me know.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bye, Bye Tire Swing!!!

Once upon a time Nathan and Celiece moved into an old home that had a lot of junk in the back yard. Some of the junk included a very large tractor tire. It was Nathan's dream to hang this tire on his big tree in the front yard. One day while Celiece was away Nathan knew this was his opportunity to hang the tire on the tree. Celiece came home and laughed at Nathan because he is so funny. Once the joke wore off there was no way to take it down so the tire became a fixture of their house. Two years later Nathan got a little Giant ladder for Christmas and promised Celiece that the tire would come down once it was warm enough....Well this weekend it was finally warm enough!!!!!!!
Nathan was a little unsure about the height so he wanted to test the ladder out on shorter heights first.
Finally he could try going up next to the tree!!!. Can you see the tree's cancer spot?? It made Nathan very nervous to be leaning against the limb that is right above the cancer spot.
Finally no more tire swing!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

6 months and counting

On October 3 we are expecting our second baby to arrive. We are so excited. We had the first ultrasound last week and got to see it move around and hear the heart beat. We needed to do an early ultrasound because we weren't planning on getting pregnant so this was a surprise. It will be a great story to tell. We were just getting ready to put Parker to bed on Valentines day, when Nathan convinced me to go get a pregnancy test because I was a week late and that was unusual. The whole way down to wal-mart I tried to talk myself out of it. That it would be a waste of money and that I would start the next day. When I took it, there was no question the line was bright pink. I just sat there staring at the test. Nathan didn't believe me. We were shocked. The next day I made my phone calls to the insurance and the Dr.'s office and they were both going to work with each other. I was relieved because I love the Dr that delivered Parker but we had to get new insurance since I don't work at UVSC anymore. It is defiantly a blessing. We can't wait to find out what it is . I know this picture isn't the greatest but its all we have.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Poor Parker has been teething since he had croup. He has quite a few teeth coming in all over. When I stick my finger in his mouth to try to see how many new teeth he has, my fingers get bit so I can't tell you just how many are coming in. He has actually been a pretty good little guy, he hasn't been too grumpy. The thing that gives his new teeth away is the slobber that shows up on his shirt and stays there all day, never having a chance to dry off. This picture was taken 15 min after he got dressed this morning. He already has slobber all over his shirt. Poor little guy, that would drive me crazy!!