Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The long hair curse

Last week it was time for Nathan to cut his hair. In fact he let it grow a little longer than we usually do. You may wonder why he has to cut his hair at a specific time-besides the fact that it becomes out of control. Well about two years ago my great grandma passed away. Then three months later my Grandpa passed away. A few weeks later while looking at pictures from the funerals I realized that both times Nathan had extra big hair and and cut it the week or two after. About two months after my grandpa passed away Nathan's hair started to become out of control again and we joked that we better cut it before someone else passes away....The next day my cousins grandma died. I'm not really superstitious but last week I was hoping that he could cut it before it claimed another victim. Don't worry you are all safe for another two-three months!!!

Memorial Day

For this memorial day we taught Parker the ancient art of camouflage. See if you can see him. We also visited my grandparents and went to the cemetery a record low three times. It was a good weekend overall full of family and eating. I had planned to take pictures on the trip but I forgot. Nathan, however, was watching Parker the morning we were leaving and discovered that his onesie blended in with his changing table cover. He couldn't wait to show me his pictures.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Parker has hit the stage where he is starting to giggle at random things for a brief period of time and when we try to repeat the occasion he responds with hiccups. Yesterday it was Nathan saying vegetables. What a fun stage!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Great Outdoors

A few weeks ago while I was fixing dinner Parker became bored in his jumper so Nathan took him outside. I couldn't resist taking pictures of his first 4 wheeler ride. Parker loves being outside. He usually stops crying as soon as we step out doors. Sometimes if we are lucky he will let "STRANGERS" aka family members hold him if they take him outside. Others wise he wants nothing to do with any one other than Nathan and me. He is going to love our family vacations coming up in July. Two weeks of being outside all day long.

Also we would like to say congrats to Grandma Sparkle for her ambitious year at school!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007