Sunday, September 16, 2007


My name is Celiece and I am a Q-tip addict. My addiction started in High School during a young women activity. We were doing a skit and a young women leader looked in my ear and asked me if I could hear her. At the time I wondered if she meant something by it but now I just think it was part of her skit. But from that point on I have used about 2-3 Q-tips a day. I hate to go on vacation and leave them home. I love clean ears, about a couple times a month when I grab a Q-tip and remember that I have already cleaned them a few times that day I go to Nathan's office and make him clean his. I was also grateful that for Parkers baby shower I got baby safe q-tips. With that being said, I think that even this is an exaggeration.


sarah said...

john has a q-tip fetish also. he will grab like 7 in the morning and put them in his pocket. and then leave them there. so when i do laundry im either pulling out an entire box of q-tips from his pockets, or if i forgot then there are in the lint thing. its crazy.

Celiece said...

We will have to discuss it at our next young-smith reunion. Finally someone to relate to!!