Thursday, October 18, 2007

Like Father Like Son

Parker loves all things electronic. He likes playing with cords so much I sometimes try those first instead of his toys when he seems bored. He loves to play on our laptops while we are trying to work or look up things online. So Nathan came up with a great solution...give Parker his own keyboard that we don't use. I have to wonder if we start him off this early what will happen as he gets older.I wish I could say these pictures were set up but they weren't. I love my computer nerds.


TyTy&Be said...

What cute computer nerds! Parker looks so concentrated, its hilarious!
Love you guys!

sarah said...

thats such a good idea!! scarlette loves to come up and grab my screen and pull it all the way back. i swear she is going to snap it off one of these days. maybe her own keyboard would be just the thing!

Celiece said...

Sarah-it works wonders for a few min but there is something about the mac book screen that makes baby's want to pull it toward them and almost snap it off. But somestimes you just need those first few min to check your favorite blogs!!