Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

This Halloween was packed full of friends and family. During the day my mom, sister brookann and Parker went with me to Gardner village where all the witches come out for the month of October. We went out to lunch to Cafe Rio and then I took Parker out trick or treating to all of our loved ones who I thought would want to see Parker that night. He kept his costume on all night without even crying or pulling on it. He however refused to smile at me for pictures no matter how big and dorky I jumped around my parents front yard! enjoy!!

ps this was my costume when I was a baby 24 years ago!!!


The Bingham Family said...

What a CUTE littel pumkin!!!!--Kim

TyTy&Be said...

I'm sad I missed seeing you guys but my mom said Parker looked adorable! I can't believe your mom saved that costume.. He is so dang cute!

Celiece said...

I can't believe your mom didn't tell me you were coming. I would have loved to show him off to more people.