Sunday, January 6, 2008

Parker's first Christmas!!!

We have been busy with family parties, shopping, Christmas and then being sick so we haven't been blogging lately. Here are some of our favorites pictures from the season.This year I invested in the Little people nativity set for our new decorations. Parker loved it and I didn't mind playing with it either. I recommend it to whoever wants a decorations that the kids can play with.

This year we bought rock band as an early Christmas present we were able to get a lot of use out of it with our family parties.
Parker with Santa. He couldn't quite figure out why this man had to hold him, but it was fun for Nathan and me to do the traditional take your child to see santa.
We let parker open his first present on Christmas eve. He loved it but then wanted to put it back in the wrapping paper he doesn't quite get it yet. Maybe next week for his birthday he will understand it more.


Aubree said...

There's those creepy glasses again... I feel bad for you Celiece. :)

sarah said...

oh i love that nativity set. i should find it for scarlette. she loved my mom's. she always wanted to kiss the baby jesus. did you have little people when you were younger? these are so different, it's weird to get used to.

oh and scarlette started screaming when santa held her. haha. she didn't like him one bit.

The Bingham Family said...

I love the picture of Parker & Santa, so darling!!!

Celiece said...

Sarah, I got them on The little people are different but they remind me of being little again so I want to buy them all for Parker!

Chira said...

hey girl! i started a's not as cute as yours, but it's a start! When was/is Parkers bday? I can't believe he's one! he's SO cute!!!!