Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4th Of July

I'm back after a vacation from the computer. We have been busy doing nothing, oh and being sick for a week straight. Poor Parker had it the worst. I started out the week sick with him and Nathan finished the week sick with him but he managed to be sick the whole week. It made for the worst 4th of July EVER!!We Spent most of the week sleeping. And Parker pretty much lived in his diaper because every time I put clothes on him he would throw up or poop all over them within minutes of being put in them.Nathan even made him wear his plastic swim pants around the house so that he wouldn't strip out of his diaper leaving the whole house at risk!!!
And then we did some more sleeping. If you hear of people who are sick with the flu this summer run because its awful!!


Angie said...

I have heard it is bad I have never seen a summer with flu in it. I'm going to cross my fingers we stay clear of it. See ya tomorrow the girls can't wait to see Parker!!

Owen and Julianna said...

hi! glad you are all feeling better! not fun for the 4th...i am guessing I am due March 7th according to the internet! And youhave one coming right along! YAY!!!!! We need to chat...this weekend?