Saturday, June 13, 2009

Art City Days!

We took Parker and Nixon to Art city days a few days this week. The first night we went to have a scone but once Parker saw the rides we had to promise to bring him back the next day. We LOVE the scones!!! The second day we didn't make it to the scone shack in time so we had to get a funnel cake-sorry Ryan and Jayna I hope you make it there sometime this weekend. On our way to the carnival it started to rain so we waited for it stop. By the time we got down there all the good parents had their kids in bed so Parker rode each ride all by himself. And I'm pretty sure they let him ride twice as long.
My pictures just uploaded backwards and I know how to fix them but I'm too lazy tonight. The "dragon train" was our grand finale. The worker must have let us go around 20 times . I thought it was nice but it was such a small track that I thought I was going to die around every corner. Plus my parents always told me that these carnival rides weren't as safe as big amusement Park rides so I hadn't been on one in 20 years!
Parker didn't want to sit in the first seat because the dragon was "scary". He loved every minute of the ride.
Parker wanted me to ride on the other horse but I always think of the rattlesnake in the carousel story so I wanted to watch him closely. I know I'm a nerd.
Nixon braved the cold while his brother got to enjoy all the rides. It was past his bed time so I thought he would fall asleep on the walk over but he stayed awake almost until we were home.

On the mermaid/duck ride Parker would look away from the ride operator every time he would come around to him. Once I figured out what he was doing it was funny to watch him look out of the corner of his eye to see if the guy had passed yet. I moved away from the operator so I could convince him to waive at me. Parker doesn't smile in pictures right now but I promise he was having a good time. He was just too busy concentrating on driving the carts.

PS If you went to the carnival, what do you think of the new location? We LOVED it! but don't let that influence you, I really want to know your own opinion.

PPS We really go just for the scones. If we could we would sneak in and out with only participating in eating the scone. I promise we aren't super ghetto. But hey we have kids and we have to keep them happy! And we made sure to bring the purel to disinfect when we were done


Erika said...

Looks like fun...and what's the rattlesnake story?

Angie said...

How fun is that! Your uncle would be to cheap to pay for the kids to go on the rides! I'm glad you had a good time! Can't beat it when no one was there! Good time.

Craig said...

Don't be ashamed of hanging out at the carnival! You should embrace it as it's the one time each year where you can mingle with white trash and nobody judges you because they were there too!

Amber said...

haha whatever... I saw the look of Joy you had on dragon train. I am also glad I am not the only one who was told over and over as a child that the carnival rides were not as safe as Disneyland or even Lagoon.. :) We only go for the scones too... and to people watch and say things like, "Hey isn't that so-and-so from high school, wow..." haha and probably people say the same about us.. it is the best times. But I truly do LOVE LOVE the new location. So much nicer.

Cass said...

we didn't even go down there this year, it sounds like we missed out. lucky Parker getting to ride all the rides by himself. I love the story of him not looking at the worker, you can't blame him.