Friday, October 16, 2009

Nixon is 1

Nixon turned 1 three weeks ago! And obviously we can't believe that time has gone by that fast. We had a fun family weekend for his birthday. We gave him this car and he absolutely loves it. It makes being outside so much better. He thinks he is too big to be held but he isn't quite walking yet so crawling on the cement is too painful for me to watch. But now we can push him all over the place if we need.
Nixon and Parker were entertained by riding the car in circles around our house while Nathan and I made Breakfast. We had buttermilk syrup and Nixon got a pancake shaped as a 1 while the rest of us had waffles. Nathan is so good to shape the pancakes for our boys.
Nixon ate it right up. Who wouldn't thought buttermilk pancakes with buttermilk syrup mmm... we might need to make more tomorrow for breakfast.
After breakfast we took Nixon out on a walk to try out his new car.

The next day we invited our families over to sing to him. We had costco chocolate cake that was so yummy. Nixon really got into it after a while.We love this sweet face at our house!


Steph said...

Your babys are just so cute! Hope you are doing well. I miss you!

Angie said...

Where glad he had a great birthday! He sure is a cutie and so sweet! We are ready for another visit! How is your scentsy. Did you need to trade some of the smells? Let me know

AshlieM said...

Happy birthday Nixon! He has gotten so big since the last time that I have seen you guys. He's adorable. I can't believe that he is already one, that first year goes by way to fast!

The Snead Family said...

already???? what?? SO ADORABLE. congrats, you have such a sweet family! i LOVE the updates- and as far as the holidays? i think we will for sure be there thanksgiving time or christmas....not sure yet- i ll let you know!

Tina said...

One already? I can't believe it. He sure has the cutest smile.

The homemade play doh looked like tons of fun. Did you get that bucket of cookie cutters at Bed Bath and Beyond? Cloey was just asking me for a huge bucket of them just this morning. I'll have to go back. I never thought about using them for play doh.