Friday, March 23, 2007

Picture Overload

This little jogging suit is so cute. I will be sad when he outgrows it.
One sunday Nathan came home to find us both still sleeping. Parker looks like an old man sleeping in his undershirt. Last night after his bath Parker decided it was play time. He kicked around for about 20 min with just his diaper on and another 20 after he got dressed.

Blessing day! Parker wore Nathan's blessing outfit, it was a little big on him but it was to cute to pass up.

Nathan decided he missed out on not being able to carry Parker inside him for 9 months so he tried to recreate the experience. Its almost the same, if only I could make him 5 degrees hotter and very very uncomfortable.
Tummy time! Usually he cries during tummy time but if I catch him in the right mood we can actually get a smile or two.
If Nathan was here right now I'd have him help me get rid of the red eye but he isn't so this is as good as it gets
This is Parkers swing, every couple of days he thinks he likes it. The swing is great when I'm trying to fix my lunch.

My mom and dad requested new pictures emailed to them. They must think that I am a better photographer because they have about a million pictures of Parker of their own.

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sarah said...

parker is looking more and more like nathan! but much cuter. :) i know what you mean about outgowing outfits. i have so many that i will be so sad when scarlette doesnt fit in them anymore.