Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bear Lake

This Last week we had a family reunion with my family in Bear Lake. Here is a taste of our vacation.

We arrived Sunday afternoon and took pictures over looking the lake. Because of the fires the view doesn't look as bright as it usually is. These are my parents, my sisters and my dad's parents.
Parker loved floating on the lake he would sleep for hours.
We bought this life jacket at costco in march. Hopefully next year Parker's neck will be longer!! We only took him on the boat once for a few min...he was less than impressed.
This was my Mom and cousin about to hit a HUGE wave.

By the last day Nathan learned that if he stood on the back of the tsunami that he could pull us out of the wake, even if I was screaming at him.

I always hate coming home. See you all next year!!!

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sarah said...

we went to bear lake a few years ago for a family reunion. i almost drowned in the first few hours of being there and i dont think i went back in the water after that. but other than that it was fun. :)