Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter

Last night with all the other Potter Fans I stood in line at Wal-Mart at midnight to get my copy of the seventh book of Harry Potter. The line never seemed to end as it went out the door and wrapped around the store. We patiently waited with our Gryffindor arm bands that said that we would get a book. Then the time came and we got our books!! This is Stephanie Brookann, our neighbor Colby and me with our books. Looks like I know what I am going to be reading for the next few weeks. I haven't read 100 pages yet and someone has already died. It is going to be intense!!


Dave & Aubree said...

DORK! Haha! Just kidding, you know we were at the Walmart in St. George. It was nuts there too. I am going to post some pics of the people dressed up. So funny! My husband is a Harry Potter nerd.

sarah said...

yay! someone else whos as big of a harry potter nerd as i am. haha. i pre oedered mine so it was delivered to my house at 11 am saturday. its a good book! ( I finished it last night at 2am)