Friday, August 10, 2007

Solid Foods

Aside from family reunions,over the past month Parker has started eating solids. He loves all fruits, mashed potatoes, and he tolerates rice cereal. While Nathan and I are eating our dinner or lunch, if Parker can con us into feeding him some of our fruit then we are there for half an hour feeding him all of our fruit and scrambling to cut more so that he will stop crying. He likes to eat in his high chair while we have our dinner, it makes him feel like a big boy. And while we make breakfast he will crawl into the kitchen, usually to the base of Nathan's feet and just stare until he picks him up. Maybe Parker could be a gerber baby.

Now, a month later we rarely see this face when introducing more foods. He usually gets excited and wants more.


sarah said...

oh he is getting so big! i can't belive it! don't you love when they start eating food? i love the faces scarlette makes when she gets new food. i gave her peach yogurt yesterday and she made the greatest face. it was like she couldn't decide if she could like it or not. but then she went on to eat the whole container, so i guess she made up her mind.

Celiece said...

So i am a mean mom and I gave Parker a lime the other day off of my salad, one lick and he made the funniest face ever. I felt bad, but it kind of made my day!

sarah said...

john gave scarlette sour patch kids. her face was so great!