Tuesday, August 7, 2007


For 8 days we have been camping. You might wonder what we can do for 8 days while up in the mountains. Well not a lot and that makes camping all the better. This year was a big bear year so a couple of night we were woken up by the bears and had to chase them away. We saw a mom and her cubs and a few other bears. It was very exciting. I walked 5 miles almost every day with Nathan's aunt, with Parker in his stroller for his nap. Every morning we wake up and make camp toast which is toasted over hot coals, so yummy! Every afternoon we would go to the river to cool off and clean off the dirt. Then we would come home at dusk and start a fire .Nathan played his usual Frisbee golf game and biked 6 miles up hill to the river a few times. It was a great trip and it is always good to come home. The babies can't help but play in the dirt. Cecelia is more mobile so she got to play in the dirt. Parker will still let you hold him for a few more weeks-luckily. Next year this will be Parker.

Parker loved the river. He would splash and splash and cry when he wanted back in. He didn't even care that the water was so cold!!

Also one of the best things about camping is relaxing!! We all were able to take our shares of naps. Parker slept good at night too, he slept for 10 hour straight some nights.
We also like to sit around the camp fire and talk. This is our three generation pose of Nathan, Jim and Parker.
Nathan asked me to marry him here three years ago at sunset. The view is beautiful.
On our last day we went for a couple of walks to see the sights.


Aubree said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun... and I don't even like camping. :)

Celiece said...

Hey, remember when I came home and you said you were excited for new posts? where are yours???

sarah said...

aww i totally miss kings canyon. i havnt been for like 10 years! my family are bums!