Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Story Time!

About two years ago while Nathan was still in school, Nathan needed new glasses. Nathan's parents, being the people they are, offered to take Nathan to costco to get new glasses. The appointment was made during a break between classes for Nathan. He met his parents and the searching began for a new pair of glasses. He soon found a pair much like his old pair that needed to be replaced, black rimmed glasses that screams he is cool and he has a uniqe style of his own. And yet there were another pair sitting there screaming something else. This scream was more to the parents to grab their children and run from this man. Creepy brown rimmed 2 inch round glasses. Nathan's parents had to buy both pairs when they both made their son so happy. And so every couple of months or so these creepy glasses made their debut to get their laughs from Nathan's co workers and friends. And then last month his black rimmed glasses broke and we were out of contacts and suddenly these glasses weren't as funny when they were his only way of seeing the world. So we quickly went to costco and got Nathan some contacts. So he doesn't have to scare the parents or the children. The End

Also Parker has found a new face and he thinks he is so funny when he makes it.


Angie said...

I don't think the glasses are that bad. I'll send you some thanksgiving pictures.

The Bingham Family said...

That is too funny...Jake does that sometimes too!!!

sarah said...

that parker is so cute!!! scarlette makes the funniest faces. i need to get pictures of them.

ashley said...

My dad had a pair just like those... 1977 is back!