Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let it Snow!!!!!!

On Saturday Nathan and I wanted to take advantage of the Snow we received this weekend. So we bundled up and went to Nathan's parents house. Nathan's mom played with Parker inside while Nathan and I made a ramp so that we could play with the snow skate. We love the snow!! I was impressed that I didn't fall. Two years ago I wasn't so graceful on the snow skate. I'm hoping it means I will be a little better snowboarding this year. I'll have to see though.
Nathan isn't a big nerd like me so he didn't put on his snow pants. But he wasn't worried about falling in the snow as much as I was. It was such a fun Saturday night.

Here's hoping we have many more snow storms!!!!! Let it snow!!!


sarah said...

that looks like so much fun!!! i can't wait for a good snow to hit our mountains so we can go snowboarding!

The Bingham Family said...

Oh, how fun! I need to get one of those....Good seeing you the other day! Parker is a cutie!!!!