Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mommy's Helper

Last week in an attempt to keep Parker from crying and to clean my house at the same time I came up with a great idea to have Parker be my "helper." So with a sink full of dishes and water I set him on one side of the sink and gave him a dish brush. It worked like a charm except for now he cries when I do the dishes without him. Sometimes his little pajama feet end up in the water but whatever makes him happy.
It worked so well with the dishes I thought it might work with dinner. It works, just not as long or as well.But usually 10 min playing peek a boo in the cupboard keep him happy. He opens it up, cleans it out, and then tells me to close it by lifting his hand toward the door and making a very pleasant noise. After about 20 seconds he pushes it back open and says boo. And then I am informed that it is time to shut the cupboard again.
Not only does Parker help clean, he likes to take every one of his toys out of the toy chest. And once they are out he doesn't like to play with them because then the room is way too messy!

And not only is he mommy's helper but he enjoys keeping Nathan company while he is using the restroom. Today he even went into Nathan's office and picked an additional book out for Nathan to read, Parker then passed it under the door to him. They put their hands under the door and wiggle their fingers at each other, pass books, magazines and toilet paper to each other. Its a sweet bonding moment. We love Parker!!


Angie said...

He is so darn cutie. It looks like you are having fun. Enjoy all these times they are precious and they grow all to fast.

Chira said...

he's so cute!! how funny! :D Caden loves pots & pans and climbing in the cupboard, too! i wish we lived there so they could play!

The Bingham Family said...

That is too funny! Jakey does the same thing w/the whole bathroom bit & his toys. Parker is too Cute!!!

sarah said...

scarlette loved to empty out drawers and shelves for us. yesterday she dumped 2 boxes of cheerios on the ground then stomped on them... ay yi yi. haha.