Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When You Find "The One"

There are so many titles that could have been appropriate for this picture including but not limited to, When it's right it's right, Memories..like the corner of my mind etc.. feel free to post your own. This is Nathan by the way, I have hijacked Celieces blog seeing as how neither of us can seem to make regular posts on our individual blogs I have decided it's time to join forces. We were going through some old pictures this past Sunday and stumbled across this little gem.
This is a picture of Celiece and I the night we graduated High School, at our "all night party" at our school. Now I know that some "So Cali" schools are known to do lame activities like go to Disneyland and stuff for grad night but in Springville it's all about locking the kids in the high school with some Krispie Kremes and some Hot 'n' Ready $5 Little Caesar pizzas for one last night.

Now there is a lot to be said about this picture but I want to hit on one point and others can comment later but today I was trying to describe to my very single 25 year old cousin who has been having some dating troubles how much easier life is when you find a girl and fall in love right out of high school and then get married shortly after your mission, there is no worrying about awkward dates, bathing, showering, personal hygiene in general, once you are married it's easy street. So this post is dedicated to those of you who are still searching for that special someone.... If we can do it, anyone can.


Celiece said...

Wow, I don't even know what to say. That is one bad picture, I'm glad its now out there for all of my friends to see how great we looked in High School.

Angie said...

What an awesome picture. Don't you wonder sometimes what you where thinking. Married life is great isn't it. I don't miss dating at all. And I truly agree on the meet someone in High School and get married right after you mission. IT IS AWESOME!!

Dave & Aubree said...

The real question is "how many of those 5 buck hot and ready pizzas did you eat by yourself?"

I think that is what we are all wondering..... And when you say all night, you mean until it was over and then went to betos for some taquitos.

Chira said...

Um, that's HILARIOUS!!!! do we remember that night or what? really all i remember is being dead tired in the morning from trying to stay awake cus, yea, Springville is so cheap!! i guess the sumo suits and bouncy thing were kinda cool! you guys are too cute!

Erika said...

...umm and the laser tag too. They went all out! :)

Nathan said...

Did someone say Betos?

Tina said...

Hey Celiece!!
I found your blog by way of Chira! I hope you don't mind. It was so fun seeing that picture from high school. I agree... that night was... um... great!!
I would love to hear from you. Your family is precious! Tell Nate I said hello. Come on over and check out our blog. tylerandtinaknudson.blogspot.com
Hope to hear from you soon!
Tina Puckett Knudson