Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Poor Parker has been teething since he had croup. He has quite a few teeth coming in all over. When I stick my finger in his mouth to try to see how many new teeth he has, my fingers get bit so I can't tell you just how many are coming in. He has actually been a pretty good little guy, he hasn't been too grumpy. The thing that gives his new teeth away is the slobber that shows up on his shirt and stays there all day, never having a chance to dry off. This picture was taken 15 min after he got dressed this morning. He already has slobber all over his shirt. Poor little guy, that would drive me crazy!!

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Angie said...

It is so great when they are all done teething. I think it is the worst part for them. I always thought it got easier on them as they got older it was that way with mine. Who knows it has been a while for me.