Monday, September 29, 2008

Nixon Is Home!!

By Some Miracle this morning I went up to feed Nixon at in the NICU at the best time possible. Nixon's pediatrician was just leaving as I asked the nurse if he had been turned over to his care instead of the Dr's in the NICU. So we had Dr. Paxton come over and look at Nixon. He said that since he was healthy there was no reason to be here any more and he quickly took action to speed up the release of Nixon to today with me, rather than late tuesday night or early wednesday morning. Nixon was having a hard time getting the air into all of his lung capacity so they took him up on Friday morning for a few tests, they even said he could be back in an hour or so. Then one test turned into another and before I knew it he was being pumped full of liquids which were making him not hungry. He couldn't leave until he ate a certain amount of food and they would only turn the liquids down very slowly. So as of last night he was still in the NICU from a problem created essentially by the NICU. Now don't get me wrong I'm glad they helped him with his lungs but then it seemed like he would never get out of there. But this morning thanks to some quick action by the Nurse and Dr Paxton they decided he could go home!!! We are happy to be home and need to catch back up on our sleep. Here are more pictures.
We were moved around a few times while we were there but the last day we were by a window so I had my mom bring Parker over so that he could finally see this baby we had all been talking about.
Finally home!! This was the first time he opened his eyes for my parents and they had to take a picture. He likes to sleep A LOT. Who can blame him though he has been through a lot these past few days, I'd sleep too.


Angie said...

What a cutie. We are so glad that he is home and all is well. Congrats on the cutie keep us informed. All we get asked at our house is when do we get to come see him. We are trying to find a day!

mcranford said...

Don't you love Dr. Paxton - we do at our house!! I am so glad that he is home with you. It sucks that you guys had to go through all of that. I hope that all continues to go good for you. P.S. Nixon is a way cute name.

The Bingham Family said...

Love the name! And your baby is so darling! CONGRATS! I am happy you guys gotta to go home.

Lindsay said...

Congrats! That's great to hear that he is doing okay and that he finally got to come home. He's adorable, and I love his name