Monday, January 5, 2009

Hair Cuts

The lady who cuts Parker's hair just had a baby last week. I thought about calling her numerous times before she had him but I just never did. Last week Parker watched me trim Nathan's rat tail and he seemed fine with the idea of us cutting his hair too so today I went for it! and it turned out ok. I will most likely still have the other lady do it most of the time but now I know in a pinch I can do it too.
This was my before picture. I had actually already cut a little in front and then remembered that I had wanted to take before and after pictures.
This is half way through if you look at the other side of his head in the mirror you can see his hair is still there. I was laughing as I took this picture. Mostly because I was worried he wouldn't let me finish!Tada!! Parker has tons of hair like me so I made him hold it all up. We cut it three months ago and this is how much I cut off today. What a fun memory!I'm guessing Nixon wont need a hair cut for a long long time.


Lisa said...

I just cut Andrew's hair on Sat.! It's hard to get those kids to sit still. I only know one hair cut though, so that's what he and Jesse get!

Nate said...

the pic of him holding the hair is classic. Maybe you could turn that room in your basement into an old school barber shop for Parker.

Angie said...

You might be surprised how quick he will get hair. You are so brave. I wouldn't dare cut hair I leave the girls hair to the professional. Way to go!

Nikki Sly said...

Haha... this is great! Speaking of haircuts... did you every want yours done?!