Friday, August 7, 2009

4th of July and In the Garden

My inlaws have a great garden and the grandkids love to play it in. With only a few days left of the pea tunnels I had to snap a few pictures. Emma
Parker and Grace
Parker and Cecelia

Shannon Jane and Chloe. I'm missing Oliver but he wasn't in the garden at the time.

Also my cousins came down to see the Jonas brothers so for a few min before we had to head to our other family bbq we hung out with them. Parker LOVES having kids closer to his age to hang out with around my family. And he LOVES Gracie and Olivia
Here is Gracie!!
Parker, Olivia and Scottie. Olivia has a little crush on Scottie and Parker thinks he's pretty funny.
Parker played with the big boys during our bbq. He loved it.
Nothing says summer like parades and doughnuts.
I brought cookies to our BBQ's and this was Parker waiting for he dough to be ready to eat. We love our cookie dough at our house. I feel ya parker...

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