Friday, August 7, 2009

Kings Canyon and Bear Lake

In Backwards order here are our July Vacations. At the end of our Bear Lake adventure with my family our friends Dave and Aubree and Felipe and Andrea came up to spend a day on the Lake with us. We had so much fun it was a perfect day. Parker was so tired from our week festivities he fell asleep on Aubree. Isn't Will so adorable??
Nathan and Nixon.
Parker driving the boat for us!
Nixon loved being on the boat as long as it wasn't moving. Other wise he wasn't all too thrilled with it.
Gracie, Parker and Olivia helping make breakfast.
Nixon did a lot of sleeping at the beach.
My 3 boys!
The kids are wiped out after 3 long days at the beach and swimming all night, but it sure is fun fun fun!!!
From left to right Steph, Nicole, Mindi Brook, Jamie. Fun times!!
Parker loved the boat!
Nixon, Tate and Curt

Kings Canyon....
This is me trying to rock Nixon asleep in the hammock. He wasn't falling for it and it was just making me sleepy. I love the hammock!
This was part of our camping compound
From left to right Leif, Jace Zach Nathan and Brad finally making an appearance after being invited to come 20 min earlier. The boys were tired of waiting...
Blake and Parker playing with a truck
Me and Nixon on the river. It was hot there so we made a trip to the river twice a day this year.
Parker and Nathan.

Our little family.
Nixon loved the rocks. It was hard to keep him from putting them in his mouth.
Gabriel and Parker. They loved going around in the wagon.

This was how we got Parker to take a nap most days. It was good exercise riding around the camp ground.

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Leslie said...

Oh it looks like you guys had so much fun!!! I absolutely LOVE bear lake. It is so beautiful there and fun.
Kings canyon looks like it was a blast! vacations are definately needed in the summer =)