Thursday, September 17, 2009


For Brookann's birthday my family went boating. Luckily Nathan found the sumo tube. He was so excited to try it. It was so funny!! My pictures just loaded in backwards order and I'm too lazy to fix them.... Here are the videos and pics from that day.
Scott and Nathan heading back into the wake.Nixon loving our kisses!! Ok so maybe he isn't loving them. but we love him!

There is his sweet smile!
Parker would switch between being very nervous and having fun. At that moment he was loving it!
My dad-we call him skipper when we go to Bear Lake because he drives the boat the whole time. Well he was the full time driver on this day as well.
Brook, Parker and Scott enjoying the front of the boat. Its my personal favorite spot as well. When I'm not trying to keep the wind out of babies faces.
Nathan and I. Poor Nathan, I like him to come with me but I always make the boat driver give us a fun/not crazy ride. And then I talk his ear off. But I always tell him the conditions and he still wants to be with me. I LOVE him!!
Me, steph Brook, Not a great picture but I'm going to be honest, I have no desire to be with the both of them on the tsunami at the same time ever again so this picture is history. Why am I being so rude? Well they were like wrestling pigs taking up 2/3 of the tube and inching closer and closer to me and everytime we hit a wave I fell off. I don't care about falling off I care about falling off because My sisters-who are 19 and 22 end up edging me off while they are fighting each other.

My mom was there too. She held babies the whole time and was in Heaven! And now for the sumo suit portion you have all been waiting for...
Steph, Brook in the sumo suit and scotty

Scotty, Steph in sumo suit me
Scotty, Nathan
And Nathan was the lucky one to try it first. I tried it last. It was more fun watching the other people than actually being out on the water.


Angie said...

I laughed and laughed I love it! I can't wait to see it in action. You'll have to bring it to Bear Lake. What a fun day We are still trying to figure out how you got your dad to do all that? Wow you guys are good. Did he scratch alot?

AshlieM said...

The sumo suit is hilarious! Looks like fun, I have never seen on of those before. I miss boating :(

Celiece said...

Angie, we will for sure bring it with us to Bear Lake next year! It will be too funny not to. And as for my dad, He is probably still scratching about the money he had to pay, but it was all worth it because the day was so fun!!