Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

Have you ever been to Bear Lake before? If not you are missing out, BIG TIME! Every year my family drives to this beautiful place to spend time as an extended family, and we have it down to a science.We rent boats
and Jet Ski'sand play in the sand

and play with family

and float on the island. This is the place of choice for my mom and my two aunts. All of the girls usually go out and spend and hour or so with them between boat rides and eating junk on the beach.

I was able to catch this great photo- I'll be honest I was trying to get something else but the moment passed and I was lucky this was the thing the camera caught. Two tsunami tubes= so much fun!!!

My dad, his brothers and My Grandma and Grandpa-the original family
Our family now-except for my cousin Landen who is on his mission.

We seriously spend 3 straight days in the water, we are at the beach all day with the boats, jet ski's ad floating on the Island. THEN, after dinner we go swimming in the pool, OK most of us prefer to sit in the hot tub.
And then once or twice during the week we head into town for a shake, I'll be honest though, Raspberry shakes are not my favorite. But you have to try it at least once!


Tina said...

What a fun family reunion!! I love Bear Lake!!!
The water looked gorgeous! Glad you had such a great time!!

AshlieM said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I miss boating. I still can't get over Nixon blonde curly hair, so cute!

Angie said...

I want to go back! I hate when we have to wait for another year to come around!! I love every minute of it!!

Celiece said...

Tina- I ran into your mom and dad today on our family walk-it was fun to see them!

Ash-Isn't it so cute? The kids were driving me crazy yesterday and I almost called you up, and came up to see you-we need to get together.

Ang-I know I can't wait until next year!