Saturday, August 7, 2010


We love our baby Nixon, he makes the funniest sad faces. Who can't feel bad for this face?

He is talking so much now. It seems like he learns new words every day. He loves to swing and play with his brother. If Daddy is around then I can't do anything right, only daddy can. He joins in on our make believe play, he always uses a high pitch voice to play the "characters". He is such a good brother, more often than not if Parker wants something Nixon will give it to him-we try to make Parker give him a fair trade. Nixon loves to be sung to at night. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam is his current favorite. And in case you haven't seen him for 6 months, his curly hair is to die for and he knows it. He will pat his head and say pretty when I ask him to let me do it.
We sure love Nixon


Tina said...

Oh Celiece!! He is a cutie! I love that curly hair.
What a fun little boy you've got there!! And that picture is to die for!

AshlieM said...

Love his hair! He looks so different from when I saw him last. Cute cute!