Monday, June 11, 2007

Cake Decorating

In May I took a Cake Decorating class every Wednesday with my sister in law Rachel. It was so much fun! By the end of the classes we were able to make a rose. We want to take the second and third classes this fall after all of our fun summer vacations. This past Wednesday I found myself a little sad because there was no class to go to.
We learned how to make little animals for cupcakes. This is a dinosaur if you can't tell. We also learned elephants, pigs, baby chicks.
I made these flowers and let them dry overnight and then put them around my final cake. I was excited with how well it turned out. This was my last project. If you look close enough you can see where Nathan though about cutting into it the night before, before I was finished with decorating it. I'm so excited for Parkers birthday, He is going to have the coolest cake ever. Hey I might even make my own birthday cake this year!!!


sarah said...

how fun!!! i think i need to find a cake decorating class. i would love to be able to make pretty cakes like that?

Lisa said...

So completely cool! You've got to tell me where you took that class! ps Kim and I want to do lunch!!!

Celiece said...

You can find classes at it will tell where they are available in your area.

Dave & Aubree said...



The Halls of Fame said...

I love the dinosaur it is my favorite! Wait to be on the cake decorating celiece :)