Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For Sale by Owner

As Nathan grew up he learned that the only thing not for sale in his dad's mind was Nathan's mom, himself and his sisters. When we first got married Nathan adopted a little of that same mind set and I had to sell my Maxima and get a old beater, which was for sale as soon as we purchased it. After such a bad decision things slowed down for us in the Young house and our items were not for sale any more. Enter Craigslist. Now as soon as we buy things Nathan is out taking a million pictures of it to place it on Craigslist. Now we own a Jetta, a dodge Cummins and a Frito Lay Van all up for sale...if the right price came by. Also he has considered putting our barn on Craigslist. Happy shopping!!
Now I am beginning to wonder why he took this picture of us.....

1 comment:

Aubree said...

I will offer you $500 for that cute kid of yours... think about it, I promise I will take good care of him. :)